Relating to Your Health With regards to Electronic Cigarettes

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe for your General Wellness?

Should you compare electronic cigarettes with the typical ones it’s a a lot safer option with regards to guarding and improving your general health simply because electronic cigarettes does not contain the 4,000 toxic additives that a regular cigarette is construct upon and that will cause a long list of life threatening illnesses and decrease the length of one’s life.

The only ingredient in an electronic cigarette that can cause threats to your well being could be the Nicotine however the amount of Nicotine utilized is similar for the various levels of strength you’ll discover within a standard cigarette.


The Nicotine levels in electronic cigarettes re really comparable for the levels to become located in tobacco, nonetheless the precise levels might differ according to which electronic cigarette product you choose. Usually they are available in 4 diverse levels of dosage noted below:

    Low dosage that consists of around 6 -9 mg/ml
    Medium dosage that consists of around 10 – 17 mg/ml
    High dosage that consists of about 18 – 22 mg/ml
    Added High dosage that contains around 24- 46 mg/ml

Normally you’ll be in a position to determine the exact dose levels on each package of liquid containers or cartridges.

Fluid Used to create Vapor

The fluid utilised together with the nicotine to make the flavor is typically propylene glycol or glycerin. Both are tasteless and frequently utilized in varieties of food and both are authorized by the FDA and are not causing any risks for your general wellness.
Wellness Concerns

In terms of nicely documented test and scientifically research with regards to health issues using electronic cigarettes it truly is quite restricted what material that is accessible to the public.

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) inside the US did some tests back in Could 2009 where they tested different varieties of electronic cigarette cartridges created by the businesses NJoy and Smoking Everywhere. One of many cartridges from Smoking Everywhere contained Diethylene glycol and within the other cartridges contained tobacco-specific nitrosamines each known cancer causing agents.

Critics of these tests delivered particularly from The Electronic Cigarette Association stated that these tests was strategy to narrow and didn’t reach any valid and dependable conclusion for a couples of causes:
Lacking Comparison to other nicotine replacement goods

Lacking Comparisons to other FDA approved nicotine replacement products where there were also discovered amounts of tobacco-specific nitrosamines and as a result the FDA study didn’t help the claims of potential adverse wellness effects from the use of electronic cigarettes.
The Amount Harmful Chemical compounds Measured

The strategies employed inside the FDA test got criticized due to the fact some medical and well being specialists noted that the quantity of dangerous chemical substances found in electronic cigarettes was about one million times lower the concentration that would trigger harm to human health.

Why Electronic Cigarettes are Banned In Several Nations

When it comes to availability of electronic cigarettes internationally they may be really banned in several European but additionally Latin American countries except for nations like the Usa, United Kingdom and Holland.

The purpose for this ban is mainly not as a result of stated dangers utilizing electronic cigarettes but merely since the lack of scientifically studies offered.

Another cause here is the fact that nicotine in many nations are becoming treated as a medical ingredient to become discovered in several nicotine replacement therapy merchandise that in some effects can support people to quit smoking.

Tests on that matter regardless of whether if electronic cigarettes can enable you to to quit smoking are offered and are going within a positive direction on this matter, but still there’s not enough studies and testing obtainable till that a lot of nations will lift that ban.


Our general conclusion on this matter is regardless of lacking scientifically studies and proper testing is the fact that once you compare electronic cigarettes with tobacco, it’s a considerably healthier option for the basic purpose they tend not to contain the 4000 extremely toxic ingredients that’s identified in a standard cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes doesn’t include any Carbon Monoxide which comes with the smoke and are causing serious threats by advertising lung cancer and coronary heart diseases.

Personally I can live with chemical compounds exactly where the quantity is one million lower than the recommend levels to human health so long as I can get rid of standard tobacco and increase my general health by not obtaining all of the toxic additives inside my system.

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