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Eczema Got You Down? Arm Yourself with these Tricks

Your food choices are the single largest contributing factor to eczema, and while what you eat can trigger or aggravate outbreaks, there’s more to eliminating eczema than cutting these foods from your diet…but it’s a great start!

If you’re trying to create an effective eczema home treatment regimen, you should be aware of these dietary secrets:

1. Foods leavened with yeast are the single most dangerous food an eczema-sufferer can eat as eczema is a result of yeast overgrowth. The challenge is that foods that contain yeast are some of the most delectible foods (and drinks) known to humankind. Baked goodies leavened with yeast are intoxicating …literally.  Yeast sends a signal to your brain that your body must have more yeast; that’s why you pig out on bread at the restaurant and are full by the time your meal arrives .

Good news eczema-sufferers: , you don’t have to do away with bread forever .   English muffins are a delicious substitute that your tastebuds will enjoy; what’s more, your brain will believe it’s eating bread…but without the signals for more yeast .

Another tasty alternative is the canned pop-and-bake biscuits found in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. Many use baking powder or other non-yeast ingredients to make the bread rise . Of course they have preservatives too but if you can’t bear to give up bread during the war on eczema, this is a tasty substitute.

Beer, wine and alcohol are all fermented with yeast. Very few beer drinkers, for example, can drink just one beer, in part because the yeast demands more yeast.  Club soda with lemon or lime will give you the same kick as beer but without the rash inciting hops. 

2. You probably saw this one coming from a mile away : Avoid sugary foods. Sugar and yeast feed each other in your digestive system. When you eat sugar, your brain gets a signal that it wants more sugar but yeast will also satisfy that same craving …and since they are often used together in the foods you love, yeast and sugar are equally detrimental.

Thankfully, you don’t have to eliminate sugar from your diet forever…just until you stymie the yeast overgrowth that causing your eczema. If you have a sweet tooth , you’ve probably made the mistake of thinking you must have sugar, but if you also suffer from eczema, eating sugary foods is a no-no . Here’s a priceless pointer : when your brain craves sugar, you can satisfy it with foods sweetened with pear juice or other non-sugary alternatives.

And where does one find such treats ? At your local health food store! If you haven’t done so lately, peruse the “sweets” aisle and see which treats tickle your fancy .  Chances are, they also will trick your brain into thinking your body is enjoying sugar without feeding yeast overgrowth .

Eliminating yeast and sugar alone won’t resolve your eczema but your eczema home treatment program will be more effective if you stop feeding your eczema with yeast and sugar.