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Asthma Treatment Without Drugs

Asthma is a severe, chronic lung disease.  In conventional medicine, asthma has been helped by steroids however, these might have severe negative effects.  Due to this, many people are searching the best way to cure asthma naturally.

An individual suffering from asthma may have multiple symptoms, including wheezing, the inability to stop coughing, and lack of breath.  With all of these symptoms, you should develop an asthma management plan.

First, you need to know what causes asthma.  There are many risk factors for developing asthma. Having dust mite hypersensitivity is the main risk factor.  And, in fact, over 25% of men and women with allergies develop asthma.  Other risks include environmental pollution, obesity, stress, having a parent who has asthma, and contact with tobacco smoke.

To find an alternative treatment for asthma, patients should first look into a traditional asthma home cure like vitamin therapy. Omega-3 essential fatty acids from fish oil and vit c, vitamin E, selenium, and zinc have been used for many years for asthma natural treatment.

In an asthma attack, the muscles around the bronchial tubes through which the patient breathes constrict, blocking airflow. Since asthma results from an inflammation resulting in a constriction of the bronchial tubes, it is important that patients suffering from asthma also learn to control their inflammation.

An anti-inflammatory diet can be very beneficial.  In this kind of diet, patients should avoid foods that induce inflammation, including red meat, potatoes, bread, white rice, crackers, and alcohol, especially red wine.  Drinking enough water every day is also very important.  Individuals who experience asthma have a higher risk for dehydration.  And thus, they must make sure to consume a good amount of fluids.  No less than eight large glasses of water per day is the minimum for helping decrease inflammation in the body.

Another way to decrease inflammation and to protect against asthma symptoms would be to take probiotics daily.  Probiotics are available in foods including yogurt and kefir or could be taken in a daily supplement form.  Probiotics are beneficial bacteria which are normally present in a healthy gut and studies show that they help to reduce inflammation, which in turn reduces asthma and allergy symptoms.  Probiotics have even been shown to have a possible beneficial effect in preventing asthma from occurring initially.

In the search for an all-natural asthma remedy, there are several components to be considered.  From vitamins, an anti-inflammatory diet, and extra water, to probiotics and homeopathic asthma treatments, a patient must be conscious of what they put in their body and how it’ll affect their asthma, either positively or negatively.