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How to get rid of lice fast for good

Many people believe that head lice are only able to get lucky and people who don&rsquot maintain daily hygiene. It’s a prevalent problem that will occur to anyone no matter socio-economic group. Like any other health issue, head lice can cause lots of discomfort. Sometimes, excessive head itching in public areas becomes just a few embarrassment for individuals. Head louse multiplies in a short time, so it is imperative to know how to eliminate lice fast to prevent the problems a result of it.

Head lice mainly occur when we are available in close connection with anybody already infected with it. In addition to that, it may also spread while sharing cloth, hair brush and also from pillow cover, shower cap or towel used by an infected person. Many people have this misconception that, head lice are harmless and don&rsquot transmit communicable diseases. Without proper know-how about how to kill lice, would seem impossible to becomes hard to control it.

Diseases caused by Head Lice

At the initial stage, head lice could potentially cause Pediculosis, with little irritation. But continuous biting may result in serious problems. People infected with head lice often suffer from massive hypersensitive reactions with severe itching in scalp, especially at the base of hairline, behind the ears and around the neck region.  If timely precaution isn’t taken for getting rid of lice, sores might develop within the head region, which occasionally get infected by bacteria. But head lice don&rsquot cause any life &ndash threatening disease.

Major Signs of Head lice

Head lice infestations nymph eats blood and grows in to a louse, in just seven days. Living of an adult louse is made for 1 month. During this time, a girl louse can lay about 90 eggs. While we are not alert to how to eliminate lice fast, it can further increase the amount of discomfort. The main manifestation of head lice is intense itching, which at the later stage can get infected by bacteria. Progression of sores or a sense of something crawling or shifting the pinnacle also can indicates formation of head lice. Some individuals experience no symptoms or irritation, when infected by head lice.

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