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How To Invest In Health Insights From A Doctor On A Spiritual Path

There is a great deal of mental confusion about what wellness is and how to ensure in it. Many people feel that as long as they have health insurance and the medical options that it affords , they are protected. Our civilisation has become convinced that the human body is designated to come unwell as it ages and that conventional medical care is the path to health . Many feel that once they have been given a medication or have a surgical operation, they can easily go back to living as usual. This is a unsafe attitude. Even though modern medical practice has elaborate accounts for “the how” of maladies, when we dig deeply enough we see that it does not answer “the why”. That is because the why we get ill or hurt is always a metaphysical inquiry.

Wellness is the natural expression of a state of well being. Finding and holding such a state is a one person endeavor. It is individual in the sense that it needs all of one’s endeavors, and so must be self-motivated. It is also personal in the sense that the inner and outer changes necessary to succeed at this, are particular to that person. Detailed advising for making such changes, is not the subject of this posting, but can be found at my Mind Body Spirit Clinic and by analysing the Spiritual Treasures, Final Edition an ebook which goes into the spiritual teachings called kriya yoga.

I will summarise my path to well being, to paint a comparison to health insurance and modern medicine. What incited my path to health , was the actualization that my physical, mental and emotional health at any given present moment, was the product of my past actions and intentions. What goes around comes around, and I discovered this wasn’t just determined by my superficial conducts, but also by my inner position and personal wants. At the same time that I realized the truth of this message , I was also touched by a deeply spiritual experience. I became aware of another plane to life. On Christmas Eve in 2008, I was graced with by a loving metaphysical presence that had an impact on me and on the people I interacted with. After several intense weeks, that presence faded away, and the memory of that event has propelled me to make many worthwhile life changes so as to realine with that state of being. At the time of this publishing, I have been successful in growing that state of being, but not on a continual basis. I have learned to make many inner and outer changes to predispose myself to this state of health but I have still have much work to do. I believe that my experiences up to now may be helpful for others wishing to achieve long lasting wellness.

The major inner alteration I have made (and had to repeatedly make) is to consciously keep an inner loving position, regardless of the people I’m around or circumstances that I find myself in. I have found this to be very difficult, because living has brought me many challenges, and because my brain tends to transfer my attention outwards, instead of allowing me to focus on my truthful inner posture. My brain likes to find fault many worldly agents for my upsets and insults (including myself), instead of just living with those things that can not be changed and working hard to immediately alter those things that can be. I have found the book, The Presence Process, Second Edition by Michael Brown, very advantageous in posing the right inner position. It has a 10 week methodical tool, which helped me distinguish when I have lost my loving inner posture and how to realign it.

I have also made numerous outer changes. I have sold a big, three story “dream abode”, which over looked Lake Michigan. The maintenance and monetary load of the abode, far overbalanced the happiness I had from dwelling there. I have casually transitioned from a profitable modern neurology medical clinic to a quick Mind Body Spirit clinic. The happiness of helping people resolve unwellness, far surmounts the extra money I made helping people take care of maladies. Over this period of time , I also went through a divorcement, with two young children involved. I have moved homes several times and maintained occupations at several different locations. I have also modified my food consumption. I am vegetarian now and I stopped consuming alcoholic beverage and medications. I also fast or cleanse with a liquid diet often. I have given up many personal diversions, so as to invest more time towards helping others in my life. With each successful modification, the spiritual connexion within me has grown stronger. It has shown me where I create dependances and weaknesses, by prefering certain relationships. It has also demonstrated me where I am missing out on deep connecting to others, because it is firstly uncomfortable to keep their company. The spiritual presence has helped me focus on many fears.

After all the changes, I can see that my body is more unstrained, my psyche more still and my emotions more peaceful. I am more aware of how food affects me and of what goes on inside my body. As this awareness improves, I can tell if I’m going to get unwell and know what inner and outer agents are causing it. I can now see how confused our culture is, that we’ve forgotten to nuture our own inner cognisance, and attempt to replace it by relying on mds and tests. Even worse, we have forgotten that unwellness are a mark of a spiritual subject, a situation only we can discover and find a durable fix for. Certainly modern medical interventions can be very useful and necessary short term repairs. However, it has become a common misinterpretation that taking lifelong medicinals drug or having major surgeries are the solution for many long lasting maladies. These treatments are powerful at sedating or changing the symptoms in the body. However the root cause, a lack of spiritual well being, is not addressed.

Even if the body is successfully prevented from expressing unwellness in one area, the deficiency of well being is still present. It is just a matter of time before it comes up again, and it can do so in any other area of the body, or in any aspect of our living. We may successful treat a neural bladder with a pill, but then later come to witness we have a new problem , such as insomnia. Or we may assuage low back pain with a surgery , but then witness shortly after that we have horrendous constipation. All our body uses are connected. The current “mend the part that is problematical” scheme of modern medicine, does nothing to account for the holistic and super intelligent nature of the human being . If anything, this scheme perpetuates illness . It allows people to keep up the lifestyles and life choices that cause their sickness. It does so by alleviating the symptoms, that otherwise would actuate them to change.

As more and more people are getting first and second had experiences of present medicine, they will spot its limitations . As they embark to open their intellects as to “why” they are sick and suffer, it will become clear that this is a spiritual query. A query, which if taken seriously, has a meaningful answer for each and every individual. Pursuing that discovery will give meaning to their life, help cultivate acceptance and help conclude sicknesses, even some which are currently considered incurable.