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Iron for Lady

Iron is important for organism to transfer oxygen, furthermore, it plays an important role in oxidation processes. Also, that micro-element is essential for generating energy in muscles, for cholesterol metabolism, for body’s defence mechanism cell, erythrocyte and hemoglobin synthesis as well as for neutralizing harmful substances in liver. So, how are you affected when the reserves of this truly platinum are becoming lost?

The nerves suffers, you can find sleep disorders and anxiety alternates with apathy.
The muscle weakness appears, also to the question “How are you feeling?” you regularly ought to respond, “We have no strength in any respect i tire easily.”
You prefer your reflection from the mirror less and you don’t like your pale skin, brittle hair, early gray streaks and peeling nails either.
It really is becoming harder to handle your hard work, your thinking wander – decrease of iron does poor quality to female mental abilities.
Immunity weakens plus you’ve got the general unwell feeling, additionally, you will get frequent headaches.
Your hands and feet feel cold &ndash it is the most sure indication of the iron shortage.

If you may not timely replenish your reserves of iron, the iron-deficient anemia develops that is fraught with serious disorders highly relevant to physiological modifications in body organs.

Each part of the fair sex needs so easy micro-element. Doctors maintain the iron shortage props up second place by its frequency after ARD and ARVI and females include the most numerous sufferers. Statistics show that as much as 60% in the ladies in the child-bearing age are susceptible to the lack of iron. The organism looses most iron when pregnant and nursing, at menstruations and menopause in addition to after taking antibiotics plus some other medicines. Furthermore, natural iron reserves within the female organism are two times as little as from the male one.

Worth The Weight in Gold

Unfortunately, it’s not at all so simple to replenish the “gold fund” or iron inside your organism &ndash even most “metal-rich” diets with daily inclusions of pomegranates, green vegetables, chicken liver, nuts and apples cannot solve the situation, since a maximum of 10% of the iron from your meals are digested. Also, tea, coffee and, surprisingly, milk products constrain the organism capability to effectively digest micro-nutrients containing iron.

You can solve the issue in the “iron-hard” way with specialized vitamin and mineral complexes. Unfortunately, most mulch-purpose bio-active food supplements retain the “average” amount of iron sufficient for your male organism however, not for that female one. It’s for this reason the ideal option for ladies will be the exclusive Vision product, Senior Neo Lady food supplement developed specially for compensating iron deficit inside a female organism.

Senior Neo Lady is a specialist product developed for the Company’s 15th jubilee and with different Vision bestseller &ndash Senior food supplement. From the new product iron works when combined with ascorbic acid which means that it is much faster and simply digested with the organism. Also, the brand new supplement contains a variety of other vitamins and micro-elements necessary for the “iron” female health.