What Causes Rash Feet? How To Get Rid Of A Rash!

 Your feet are wonders of engineering, they can handle thousands of pounds of pressure from walking on a daily basis.  However, when you get itchy feet . . . every step can become an ordeal!

Most people take their feet for granted until they give them problems.  Unfortunately, itchy rash feet can cause not only itching but also scratching and burning sensations that can be extremely uncomfortable.

Whenever you develop any sort of rash on your body that you haven’t had before, you should go to the clinic to get it checked out. You may think that red rash feet are totally and completely harmless but, in fact, it could be something much more serious.  It is better to be safe than sorry.

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Once your medical professional has informed you that your rash feet is not harmful you can then figure out how to get rid of it and make sure it doesn’t come back a second time.  Sometimes a simple process of elimination can help you determine the root of the problem.

Your skin is a complicated and delicate organ.  After all, it does protect us from the outside elements and keeps the good things in!  So when you expose your feet to an irritant, eczema feet may not be too far away.

Once you put on your socks and place them in your sneakers your feet are exposed to dark places where sweat and bacteria can meet and greet your sensitive skin.  As the temperature of your feet increases and your feet rub against the sneakers, the friction will weaken the skin and allow the bacteria and sweat to slowly work its way in.

You may be wondering, how long it will last?  Well, this will really depend on what it was that you where doing to cause the flare up. If wearing your shoes for extended periods of time while sweating, it may take much longer to cure as you will ultimately be wearing your shoes again soon!

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One good rule of thumb is to let your feet be exposed to the air for awhile.  By bringing your feet back to their natural setting you are able to allow them the proper time to heal.

You may be tempted to submerge your feet in water to alleviate some of the discomfort. Perhaps the beach sounds like a great place to air them out, but you should check for any cuts on your skin prior to doing this. Salt water and cuts do not mix well and this is bound to be an even more uncomfortable experience.  Plus the sand could be harbouring other insects or critters that love the taste of your sensitive skin.

The types of socks you wear may need to be changed as well.  If you wear colored socks the dyes used to create the brilliant colors may irritate the rash and cause it to flare up.

This can be especially troublesome if you where to injure your feet in any way.  The nerves could be damaged and this would not allow you to feel the pain.  Keep in mind; his could make things worse instead of better!


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How To Get Rid Of A Rash

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